Continuing education is necessary for every profession, let alone digital radiography, where new technological advances happen frequently. Radiological Services LLC is focused on providing the best free radiography CEUs for radiological technologists and professionals.

Radiological Services LLC offers several courses for radiographers and radiological technologists. Digital radiography is an advanced version of X-ray inspection, which every radiographer and radiological technologist must know. It uses X-ray-sensitive plates to capture information when examining an object. Then, it immediately transfers the data to a computer without using an intermediate cassette. The incident X-ray radiation passes through a detector sensor, converting into an equivalent electric charge and then a digital image. As a result, a digital radiographic image is created instantly on a computer.

This technology is also known as flat panel detectors. These detectors provide high-quality digital images. These detectors work through indirect and direct conversion. Indirect conversion flat panel detectors usually use scintillator layers to transform X-ray photons into visible light photos. They use a photodiode matrix comprising amorphous silicon to transform light protons in an electrical charge.

Our radiological CE courses will educate radiological technologists more about the differences between indirect and direct conversion. In addition to offering multiple digital radiography online CEUS, we also offer fluoroscopy courses online. Moreover, we’re also the go-to provider for CEUs for radiological technologists wanting to learn more about computed topography.

Getting continuing education is important for radiographers and radiological technologists because the AART requires those who have passed the exam to obtain 24 radiological technologist CE credits every two years. Otherwise, they’ll lose their license. This two-year period is called a biennium and is based on when an individual was born, and the year they completed the exam. It’s also important to remember that the biennium date isn’t the same as the annual renewal date.

Radiological Services LLC helps busy radiological technologists already in the field to get their necessary certifications completed at their own pace and comfort. That’s why we offer online radiography courses. We understand that continuing education for radiologists is important. As a result, we try to accommodate them to the best of our abilities.

Previously, continuing education as a radiological technologist was only possible through in-person courses. However, today that’s no longer the case. Our innovative and well-designed programs will keep you engaged from the start. You’ll also learn new skills and insights while fulfilling the necessary obligations for AART certifications. The best part is that you can do it from your home or your workplace, meaning you don’t have to commute to our physical location to learn. We’re certified by the ASRT and ARRT. Radiological Services LLC has been around since 1997. You’ll also be interested to learn that we offer three free credits when registering an account with us, allowing you to continue your radiological technologist education for a lower price.

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