Radiological technologists must learn about radiation protection in detail because radiation exposure is a risk for technologists and patients when using medical imaging techniques like magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, positron emission tomography, etc.

Our radiation protection courses delve into important details, helping increase radiation risk awareness in your workplace. They also help reduce unsafe working practices when using such technologies. We’re currently providing three courses. These include a brief history of diagnostic imaging, principles of radiography, and medical applications of radioisotopes. These courses are designed to help increase awareness about radiation protection and safety. In addition, they’ll also detail how radiation is emitted when using medical imaging techniques. More importantly, they’ll help radiological technologists learn how to minimize exposure and risk, ensuring protection when operating these machines.

Are you looking for radiation protection CEUs at a reasonable price? Radiological Services LLC can help. We can help you continue your education as a radiologic technologist. In addition, we’re certified by the ASRT and ARRT. Radiological Services LLC has been around since 1997. In addition, we also offer three free credits when registering an account with us, allowing you to conveniently continue your radiological technologist education.